In the case of the KYRA bookcase, the skill and sensitive touch of the cabinetmaker (Michael Koenig's first profession) are clear for all to see. Just like his approach to design : ''take an everyday object and give it a new look whilst retaining its usage, functionality and materials, perhaps adding a dash of humour.'' The Kyra bookcase is arresting thanks to its very intentional tension between contrary elements : - the stability of the triangular bracket-style panels works in opposition to the imbalance caused by the asymmetrical nature of each panel and the way in which each one is mounted in the opposite way to the last, producing an open/closed effect. - the warm, matt oak veneer used for the side panels contrasts with the smooth, satiny finish of the lacquered shelves. - the side panels, very well-conceived and cut in a complex way, support 5 uniformly-shaped shelves. QUALITY OF MANUFACTURE: panels of MDF finished in white lacquer, smoked oak-effect veneer or walnut veneer. Shelves are available in any of the 'pack' colours: rouge, brique, bleu, azur, bleu lavande, plomb, chocolat, moutarde, mastic, ranger, noir, éléphant, perle or bleu nuit. Choice of 2 variants: a single-colour version (i.e. 5 shelves in the same colour) or a version with shelves in several colours (1 for each shelf). In the latter case, the shelves should be numbered 1-5 from bottom to top so that the unit can be assembled correctly in the factory. The assembly method used is remarkable, with not a single linking-piece remaining visible.